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A natural and organic contouring

Publié le : 02/15/2017 08:16:27

We hear about it everywhere, it's trendy, we find it on the face of all the models of the world... Do you see what we want to talk about? Contouring, of course!

A natural and organic contouring

What is it ? What's the point of it ? How to make a light and natural contouring? We'll explain you everything!


 What is contouring? 


Contouring is a technique of make-up that consists of sculpting the contours of the face thanks to  light and shadow plays. If you think that your facial features are not sufficiently pronounced, or that your nose is too large, or your cheekbones not protruding enough, don’t worry: the contouring will help you (no plastic surgery for you !)!


 How does it work? 


First of all, you have to prepare your skin. Never forget the essential gestures before the make-up. This includes: skin scrub, moisturizing, and if you want a long lasting hold, apply a fixing base.


Then, to perfect your complexion, apply your Avril certified organic foundation using your Blender sponge (without latex!) or your foundation brush in a uniform way over your entire face. Then, with Avril certified organic concealer, reduce the signs of tiredness, dark circles and other rednesses that make your complexion flawed.

 Contouring highlighter

 Your face is ready, then at your marks, set, go on with the contouring! 

First step

You have to refine your face: using your Avril certified organic tanning powder, restore a beautiful oval shape to your face. Apply it lightly under the cheekbones, temples and under the jaw. You can also drop on the sides of your nose, if you want to make it thiner.


Second step

Give volume: this is where your Avril certified organic highlighter comes into play. Take it with your blush brush, remove the surplus on the back of your hand, and apply it on the top of the cheekbones, on cupid's bow (the small "heart" on the top of your upper lips), on the chin, on the top of the eyebrow and on the ridge of the nose, ascending from the bottom towards the middle of the eyebrows.


Be careful not to abuse it, the goal is not to shine like a Christmas tree!



It is necessary to harmonize everything: your Avril certified organic blush closes this long epic of contouring. Place it on the "bulging" of your cheekbones, going up to your temples.


So, you just made a professionnal contouring, but light, natural, and totally organic! What to make blush the lovers of the catwalks;)

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