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Flower waters: a « must have » in natural cosmetics?

Publié le : 04/12/2018 17:07:55

What is a flower water? How to use and keep it correctly? Which are the benefits and properties? Become unbeatable on flower waters reading this article!

Flower waters: a « must have » in natural cosmetics?

 What is a floral water? 

Floral waters, also called hydrosols, are obtained by distillation of flowers. They are often compared with essential oils, because they are two products extremely bound, both obtained thanks to the same techniques of extraction. However, the floral waters’ action is softer, less aggressive, because these are largely made of water. Thus, floral waters are suitable for all type of skins, even the most sensitive, in particular those of babies and pregnant or breast-feeding women.

Floral waters are recognized for their purifying, clarifying, astringent, decongestant and regenerative virtues.

Finally, choose rather an organic floral water, then you’ll avoid a skin exposure to pesticides.

 How to keep a floral water? 

Be careful about the preservation of this product, because the floral water is very sensitive to bacteria development: they must be kept away from light and heat. You can also keep them in the fridge, for a refreshing effect in the morning.

 How to use a floral water? 

The main use of floral waters is a cosmetic one. They are used on the face, every morning and evening, or after removing your make-up, in order to clean and rebalance the PH of your skin. You can apply it, either by vaporizing with a spray, or thanks to a soaked cotton, as a compress.

Organic flower water properties

 What are the properties of floral waters? 

According to the flower used to make it, the properties of the floral water can vary. Here are some examples:

- The Rose floral water is recognized for its astringent properties. It allows to tone up, to firm up and to moisturize the skin. It is in particular recommended to shade off red patches during strong feelings (anger, fear, sadness, stress, etc.)

- The Lavender floral water has purifying and soothing virtues. It is recommended for example for its balsamic action after the shaving or after the skin exfoliation. The Lavender floral water also serves to clean oily, acned and irritated skins. It acts as an anti-infective barrier and can clean small wounds or scars.

- The Cornflower floral water has particularly a decongestant action. It allows, among others, to tighten pores, to relieve swollen, tired or irritated eyes.

 What are the other possible uses of floral waters? 

Besides this purely cosmetic use, as facial skincare, floral waters can be used in various manners, according to your needs:

Thanks to their discreet and natural perfume, the floral waters can be used in deodorant spray. This use suits however to people presenting a low sweat.

Due to its decongestant and soothing virtues, the floral water can also be used in spray against heaviness in the legs. If you sit too often to your desk, or if you have blood circulation’s problem, then the floral water will give you a sensation of freshness, will favor blood circulation and will remove this sensation of heavy legs at the end of the day. To apply every morning and evening by rubbing.

Finally, and only under medical opinion, you can use the floral water by internal way, in particular to detoxify your liver. For that purpose, 1 spoon a day will be enough, either pure (for the bravest) or diluted in a small glass of water. Guaranteed effect!

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