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New Cosmos label, what does it change for Avril?

Publié le : 05/5/2017 10:03:08

What is the news Cosmos label? Wo is behing the project? What is changing for Avril products? Will all Avril products become Cosmos? Avril answers to all your questions!

New Cosmos label, what does it change for Avril?

 Who is behind the project? 

This new Cosmos label is European, it has been created by 5 organizations:

  • -Ecocert Greenlife SAS (independent certification body, world leader in certification in organic farming and organic cosmetics)
  • -BDIH (German association of commercial and industrial companies for medicines, dietetic products, food supplements and personal care)
  • -Cosmebio (French professional association of ecological and organic cosmetics)
  • -Soil Association (UK consumer association)
  • -ICEA (the leading independent certification body for natural cosmetics in Italy (organic cosmetics, biocosmetics, eco-cosmetics)


The objective of this new label is to standardize the specifications of organic cosmetics and thus offer the same guarantees to all European consumers.

 Cosmos organic

 What does the new Cosmos label bring? 

This new label is a little more demanding than the Ecocert label, it imposes two new criteria:

  • -Creams and non-foaming products must contain more than 20% of organic ingredients
  • -Non-biodegradable ingredients are no longer accepted.


 What does not change? 

Each certified organic product must contain:

  • -More than 95% natural ingredients
  • -More than 95% organic ingredients on vegetable ingredients.
  • -More than 10% of organic ingredients on the total ingredients

The specifications also ensure that:

  • -Less than 10 non-natural ingredients are authorized and listed (list evolving according to the progress of scientific research of the cosmetic industry)
  • -Parabens, phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, silicone, PEG, perfumes and synthetic colouring, ingredients from animals (except products naturally produced by them: milk, honey, etc.) are forbidden.
  • -Packaging must be at most biodegradable or recyclable


Will all Avril products become Cosmos?

No, because cosmetics launched on the market before that date keep their previous certification. Avril certified organic products that you like will therefore keep the same formula and ingredients.


All Avril products have a label on the back of the packaging. Three logos can appear on our cosmetics:


Ecocert LogoEcocert Cosmétique Biologique logo (for the majority of Avril products)


Qualité France logoQualité France logo (for eye and lip pencils) The specifications are similar to Ecocert's, except that it allows cochineal, an ingredient that permits to obtain very intense red pigments for lipsticks, for example .


Cosmos organic logoCosmos Organic logo (for new products launched after January 2017). Be careful, 2 certifications exist:  "Organic" and "Natural", the latter being less demanding.


Note: some of our products do not have a label because they are not certified organic: this is the case of nail polishes and nail polish removers, these products do not exist in organic version yet.


 What are the other Avril quality guarantees?

  • -Our products are all made in Europe, mainly in France (if not, in Italy and Spain). Accessories manufactured in Asia are also controlled to offer the same quality guarantees as our products made in France.
  • -We pay particular attention to the choice of ingredients, the formulas contain the maximum of organic and natural ingredients and we make sure that the products are pleasant to use and efficient.


So, you now know what the arrival of the new label Cosmos for Avril cosmetics and for your favorite products! Find below our products featuring the Cosmos label. Do not hesitate to ask us questions!



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