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Organic and natural make-up for wedding

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You are going to get married soon and you have decided to make-up yourself: good idea ! Avril gives you some little tips for a very easy natural make-up for wedding!

Organic and natural make-up for wedding

You are going to get married soon and you have decided to make-up yourself: good idea ! Avril gives you some little tips for a very easy natural make-up for wedding. On top of that, you can only use certified organic products!


Wedding make-up: prerequisite 

First of all, it’s important to think about the make-up that you want to make: think about the colours that you will wear, at the style of your dress and more generally your wedding… But also your colouring, your hair and eyes colour… Get inspiration in magazines or visit the social network Pinterest.

You should also know  that a wedding make-up does not have to be a day make-up nearly invisible, but it should not be either an evening make-up which will be too much for this type of event. It has to stay natural and bring you out but more sophisticated than the daily make-up which you do to go to work!

Finally, buy the products in advance and try it: you could see and evaluate the result. Ask to your close friends to have some pieces of advice. What’s more, it will also allow you to see if your skin supports the different formulas.

Make-up for wedding


 Wedding make-up: the complexion

The objective of the complexion make-up is to unify and to illuminate it. The covering of the foundation cream must have a light coverage: banish foundation creams too much covering!

Choose the tint closest to your colouring. Do not try to darken or to clear up your colouring.The effect will not be natural! For the application, try with the finger and with the brush, you will see what gives the better result.


If you have imperfections, it’s with the concealer that you will hide them (It’s not the role of the foundation). Don’t take too much and apply it by tapping for a better covering of shadows and other spots.


If you tend to have an oily skin, put some compact powder of the same tint as your skin, only on zones with problems to avoid mask effect.


Finally, the last step for a perfect complexion : the blush ! If you have a light skin, choose pinkish tints. Choose orangy tints if you have a dark skin. Let's go little by little, rather than to put it too much: it will be difficult to remove it!


Last advice for the D-day: apply your foundation cream after you put on your wedding dress if you don’t want to dirty it!


 Wedding make-up: eyes 

The choice of the colours depends mainly on your eyes colour. If you have brown eyes, you could allow you all colours. If you have green eyes, plum colour is perfect for you. If you have blue eyes, choose warm tints: golden, copper… Attention, when we are talking about colours: not turquoise, fir tree green and other tints very 90s ! The make-up trend is very natural: beige, taupe, light brown, copper, light pink…


If you master the gesture, a thin line of eyeliner on upper lashes offers a very sophisticated result. If you’re not comfortable, only use eye shadows and kohl pencils.


For smoky palette, choose 3 tints which are in harmony: an iridescent very light tint and 2 darker matt tints. Apply the light tint to your mobile eyelid. Apply the average tint in the external part from the middle of the eyelid and in the eyelid crease. Combine the tints. End with the darker tint putting a thin line on upper lashes to the external part of the eye.


For the pencil, stay sober and choose a black or a brown that you put at the root of the lower lashes. Blur this line with an applicator for a more natural result.


End with a coat of mascara on the superior lashes. Avoid putting in it below, it tends to « weigh down the look. »


Do not forget eyebrows! Depilate them, brush them and if necessary fill holes with an eyebrow pencil of the same tint as your eyebrows. Do not try to thicken too intensely your eyebrows, you risk the make-up « faux pas »! Confine yourself to define well their outline.


Normally, your make-up will stay all day long but take your vanity case. It’s possible that you cry during the ceremony: your mascara risk to flow, bring with you your make-up remover!

Make-up for wedding


 Wedding Make-up : lips 

For the lips make-up, choose a red lipstick and a lip contour pencil of the same tint. Select a visible tint that marks the contrasts of the face but not too much: avoid the very red, which suits more in the evening. Opt for a light nude.


Start to define the contour of your lips by the cupidon’s arc. Do not try to overflow to thicken your lips : the result will be too much. Outline the inside of your lips: it will offer a better stay to your lipstick (it’s important, because you will kiss many guests!).


Put now the lipstick by using a lip brush, it will be more precise. Put a first coat and bite into a handkerchief to absorb the surplus. Put a second coat.


Do not hesitate to bring your lipstick with you during the celebration because your lipstick will not stay all day long (and after so much petit fours and glasses of champagne!)


 Wedding make-up: nails 

No make-up without a beautiful manicure! Even there you could opt for something smart and natural.

The best solution is a french manicure. But you can opt for a red (or plum or burgundy): on your nails, this colour is allowed!


Do not forget to moisturize your hands several days in advance because the most manicure perfect will be not beautiful on a quite dry hands!


Start to push away cuticles, brush, cut and file your nails. Do not put too much if you want to make a french! For an opaque colour, it’s better to have shorts nails if you don’t want to look like Cruella!


End with a layer of top coat for the shine and to assure a long lasting to the night end!


Last tip, if you wear soft open low-fronted shoes, don’t forget foots! Even there, hydration is the watchword to avoid the bowlegged heels as well as pedicurist and pose of nailpolish.


You know how make-up yourselft for your wedding if you want to do it by yourself (or with help of some talented friends!) It is also the opportunity to start to use organic and natural make-up! It stay as long as the conventional make-up and the colours are also attractive!


Then, we send you all our wishes of happiness and we wish you to be the most beautiful for this unique day ! ;-) 

Organic make-up for wedding

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