All our organic products are certified by one of these labels:

Label cosmétique bio Ecocert

Organic Cosmetics Label certified by Ecocert

Organic Cosmetics certification by Ecocert guarantees, among other things, that products contain at least 95% of ingredients of natural origin and at least 10% of ingredients from organic farming and 95% of vegetal ingredients must come from organic farming.

Label cosmétique bio qualité france

Organic cosmetic label certified by Qualité France

Quality France's specifications are similar to those of Ecocert.

Label Cosmos Organic Ecocert

Cosmos Label certified by Ecocert

The Cosmos Organic label applies to all novelties launched after January 2017. This new label is a little more demanding than the Ecocert label, it imposes two new criteria:

- Creams and non-foaming products must contain more than 20% organic ingredients

- Non-biodegradable ingredients are no longer accepted.

All our products are Cruelty Free certified by PETA:

Label Peta Cruelty Free

Peta Cruelty Free Label

In accordance with European legislation, we do no animal testing. For each of our cosmetic products (organic and non-organic), we have a complete technical and regulatory file that summarizes the various quality controls performed.

Avril cosmetics are all labeled Cruelty Free by PETA, which guarantees that no tests are performed on animals, both on finished products and raw materials.

About 70% of the range is vegan certified by PETA:

Label Peta Cruelty Free & vegan

Peta Cruelty Free & Vegan Label

Some of our products are labeled Cruelty Free & vegan by PETA, which means that besides being Cruelty Free, these products do not contain animal ingredients.

You can also check our list of vegan cosmetics here.