Our history

Avril brand history

2012: Birth of the brand

With his experience in mass distribution, Alexis Dhellemmes makes an observation: many customers would like to consume organic cosmetics but the high cost is a real obstacle. He then created Avril with the aim of making organic cosmetics accessible to all. By eliminating the majority of marketing costs, he manages to offer a quality organic range at low prices.

The first sales are made online. Customers are seduced and talk about it around them: word of mouth works! Very quickly, professional retailers want to offer the products in their store: organic shop, pharmacy, beauty center...

2016: Opening of the first Avril store

Born in the North, it was only natural that the first Avril store opened in Lille, a cosmopolitan city par excellence where residents, students, tourists and business people meet. Customers are rushing to the door from day one!

Faced with this expectation, other shops are opening in Paris, Rennes, Angers, Metz, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Grenoble... Designed by a local architect, each shop is unique and exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere, a very special feature. appreciated by customers.

2019: Avril develops its vision: achieve 0 waste & 0 CO2 emissions

Ecological advances are becoming stronger and stronger, driven by a committed collective. Avril launches a reforestation program. Other commitments are then added: we finance the installation of wind turbines and photovoltaic panels, we are supplied with green electricity, we develop zero waste products, etc.

Commitment is also present at the level of the company which wants to be liberated: to trust, give autonomy and decision-making power to employees who flourish within a benevolent and attentive company.

2022: Avril celebrates its 10th anniversary

Avril is today:

- a committed organic brand that advances step by step for the environment

- 400 quality organic products, simple, effective and pleasant to use

- 180 enthusiastic, passionate and passionate employees

- more than 50 pretty shops in France and Belgium

- hundreds of resellers worldwide

- and thousands of conquered customers who share our values: thank you!

So, see you in 10 years?