Architecture L'Architecture

Each store has its own architecture

Each boutique reflects the freedom of expression of the architects, who reveal the subtleties of Avril's personality through their style. These urban settings welcome customers as well as products, in a natural envelope that invites you to feel good, fully yourself.

Discover multiple universes for a unique feeling of well-being.

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À chaque boutique son architecte

À chaque boutique son architecte

Notre interprétation du bien-être

Our interpretation of well-being

It is a harmony between beautiful materials, attention paid to natural light and soothing vegetation, which honors with its presence.

It is a warm atmosphere, imbued with softness so that every moment is a moment of pleasure, apart.

It's giving way to sensations to fully live the Avril experience: universal well-being.

Senses awakened

While the graphic spectacle of colourful packaging plays out, the sense of smell takes its place at Avril, seizes the senses. A plant scent, a wood essence that mixes with the scent of cosmetics... The associations are made instinctively, nature permeates each place with its unique character.

The sensory experience is also lived by trying the products, in contact with the materials.

Touch, see, feel. Each boutique offers a return to basics; a privileged relationship with nature, with oneself.

Les sens en éveil

Nothing is lost, everything is sublime

The historical imprint and the soul of the host district can be felt in the Avril stores. Their transformation always takes place in the respect of the architectural character of the place: the strong elements are preserved, sublimated and accompanied by the right material, the one that makes sense.

Rien ne se perd, tout se sublime

At the crossroads of worlds

The different architectures let their creativity express itself in every corner of the shops. From the visible side to the spaces reserved for employees, the whole is enlivened with objects from local craftsmen who harmonize and add extra soul to the environment.

A richness of the mixture that creates the evidence.

À la croisée des mondes

À la croisée des mondes

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