We don’t just want to satisfy you; we want to surprise you with the quality of our products. Because being affordable does not prevent us from striving for excellence.


Our products are as efficient as conventional ones. Texture, fragrance, efficiency, lasting, easy application: because we want to be proud of our products, each formula needs to satisfy us totally.

A product is missing from our range? It is not a coincidence. It was not good enough for you.


Our range is certified organic (excluding nail polish) by independent organizations, Ecocert and Bureau Veritas. Our products respect the very demanding specifications of organic cosmetic:

-          At least 95% of total ingredients are natural or from natural origin.

-          At least 95% of vegetal ingredients in the formula are from organic farming.

-          At least 10% of total ingredients are from organic farming.


Parabens, phenoxyethanol, perfumes and synthetic dyes? You will not find any in our products!

We prefer natural ingredients or from natural origin ingredients that are just as efficient.


For us, quality means also taking care of our environment.

Our products don’t have any overpacking, and we encourage recyclable packaging.

According to European legislation, we don’t do any test on animals, and over 70% of our range is vegan that is to say free from ingredients of animal origin.

Finally, the majority of our products is made in France, otherwise, in Italy.


Since the beginning, we are listening to our customers.

Your suggestions are precious and allow us to improve formulas, packaging, service.

Avril, it’s you!  That’s why you like our products so much.