Avignon Saint Agricol

19 rue Saint Agricol
Tel: +33 9 72 56 87 07
From Monday to Saturday : 10h - 19h
Instagram: @avril.avignon

Local tradition reports that Saint Agricol was once invoked to obtain rain during periods of drought, with success of course. In the charming street that bears his name, typical of Avignon intra-muros, a beautiful stone building hosts the Avril boutique. Above the entrance door, a carved medallion in bas-relief depicts Joseph Roumanille, 19th century Provençal writer, teacher and friend of the famous poet Frédéric Mistral. The shop used to be his bookstore.
The first room, overlooking the street, is now dedicated to makeup. A nod to the powers of the saint, lush vegetation hangs from the ceiling. Contemporary mirrors with organic shapes and black rims adorn the walls, whose powdery pink color draws with the furniture and the floor in blond wood a soft and feminine harmony.
The second room is dedicated to skincare products. A large round old millstone fixed to the wall, discovered during the works, forms a surprising backdrop to the pastel hues of the tubes.

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Thanks to a unique architectural concept, each Avril store expresses the essence of the brand through the singular eye of a local architect. Warm and natural hues, harmony of lines, subtle blend of styles: a true haven of well-being, our stores invite you to discover Avril cosmetic universe.