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Lieusaint Carré Sénart

Shopping mall Carré Sénart – Lev.1
Lieusaint 77127 LIEUSAINT
Tel : +33 9 71 43 55 02
From Monday to Saturday : 09:00 – 17:45
Sunday : 10:00 – 17:45
Instagram : @avrilcarresenart

The renovated shopping mall of Carré Sénart houses a pretty Avril shop, well visible with its wide glass façade, and its concept... blue, wanted by the young architect Amélie Truchet, neighbor of the center. 3 “makeup cabinets” with their brass base with rounded “art deco” corners, laid on the parquet floor, and surmounted by a large mirror, welcome the products. Contemporary suspensions illuminate the central furniture and the cash register.

Lieusaint Lieusaint Lieusaint Lieusaint

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Thanks to a unique architectural concept, each Avril store expresses the essence of the brand through the singular eye of a local architect. Warm and natural hues, harmony of lines, subtle blend of styles: a true haven of well-being, our stores invite you to discover Avril cosmetic universe.