Lyon Part Dieu

Centre Commercial La Part-Dieu
Enter door Cuirassier, level 0
69003 LYON
Tel : +33 4 72 04 58 44
From Monday to Saturday : 10:00 - 19:00
Instagram : @avrilcosmetiques.lyonpartdieu

In Lyon Part Dieu shopping mall, the local agency Dank Architectes imagined a spectacular wooden ceiling making waves, contrasting with the strictly straight furniture on each side of the shop. The dark grey walls enhance the high quality brand image, and highlight the colourful product packings.

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Our stores

Thanks to a unique architectural concept, each Avril store expresses the essence of the brand through the singular eye of a local architect. Warm and natural hues, harmony of lines, subtle blend of styles: a true haven of well-being, our stores invite you to discover Avril cosmetic universe.