Strasbourg Grandes Arcades

67 Rue des Grandes Arcades
Tel : +33 72 54 68 28
Monday to Saturday: 10:00 - 19:00
Instagram : @avrilcosmetiques.strasbourg

The large arcades of the street house the Avril boutique designed by the Strasbourg studio Petit-Martin in the style of the old public baths. This long space is punctuated by a succession of alcoves, delimited by tall columns decorated with small white tiles, which contrast with the dark wood of the furniture, the coral colored shelf blocks placed here and there, and contemporary touches of brushed stainless steel. The floor is paved with travertine tiles from Italy, and, in the background, a spectacular Novelda brown marble counter is highlighted by the pale pink lime-coated walls, on which large white figures of irregular form add a touch of mystery…

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Our stores

Thanks to a unique architectural concept, each Avril store expresses the essence of the brand through the singular eye of a local architect. Warm and natural hues, harmony of lines, subtle blend of styles: a true haven of well-being, our stores invite you to discover Avril cosmetic universe.